Save Time and Money, Raise Your Sunken Concrete,
Don't Replace It!

Settled concrete needs to be addressed, not only from an aesthetic standpoint but, more importantly, from a liability standpoint.

The American Disabilities Act of 1990, defines a “trip hazard” as any vertical change over ¼” or more at any joint or crack. This law strictly mandates the repair of trip hazards from sunken or heaved concrete in public areas, as it represents a legal liability. Municipalities, school districts, hospitals, private communities, shopping malls, universities, apartment complexes, and any other property owners are continuously concerned regarding any possible liability issues.

  • Enhance safety.  Eliminate trip hazards and opportunities of unwanted liability

  • Save money.  Raise your concrete with polyurethane foam for less than half the price of replacing the concrete slab.

  • Save time.  Fix your concrete slab now--in most cases, in 1-2 hours--and rid yourself of a problem that will only worsen over time.

  • Use immediately.  Use your concrete immediately upon completion of work--don't wait days as with concrete replacement.

  • Boost curb appeal.  Eliminate eyesores of unaligned concrete.

  • Increase home value. Add value to your home by fixing a sunken slab, uneven sidewalk, or misaligned steps.

  • Avoid additional structural damage.  When a concrete slab settles, doors and windows stick and structures connected to the slab may crack and settle.

  • Avoid potential water damage.  Because water follows the path of least resistance like a sunken driveway, damage caused by water will only worsen over time, resulting in costly foundation repairs.


  • Be green.  By raising concrete instead of replacing it, your concrete slab stays out of the landfill and no new concrete is mixed.

Did You Know?

Injecting foam

with fusion gun.

Why Raise Concrete?

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