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From providing estimates to responding to telephone inquiries, we focus on what it feels like to be you, the customer.  We are courteous and respectful, always arriving when expected and looking professional.  We want you to be happy with your experience and satisfied with our service. 

We started Chesapeake Concrete Raising, LLC to provide quality work in our local market. Each of us had successful careers spanning decades--Mike as a co-owner and Project Manager for a concrete restoration company and Pam as a computer programmer--but it was time to apply those years of experience to forming something of our own.  Leveling concrete on a smaller scale in a more local setting is a good fit and a natural transition for us.

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To set us apart, we concentrate on customer service and professionalism.  We are committed to completing the repair with minimal impact on the environment with no disturbance to nearby areas including landscaping and lawns.  Additionally, our polyurethane foam method of raising concrete is performed in a safe,  dust-free, clean environment.

  Mike, Pam, and Ryan Stephens.

If you see our truck in your neighborhood, stop by and say hello!

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We are a certified FoamJection contractor in MD, PA, and DE.

MHIC #133526

(443) 655-1199

We use products made proudly in the USA.

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