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your concrete

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ready to use

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How We Do It

When the components of polyurethane are mixed, a reaction causes the material to expand.  This expanded foam fills any voids beneath the slab and raises concrete. 

Vacuum hose attached to drill

Vacuum hose is attached to our drill, making clean up quick and easy.

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What Steps are Involved?

Lifting concrete with polyurethane foam.

Small 5/8" drill hole size
Polyurethane foam injection gun

 we are committed to working in a clean, dust-free environment

Watch us raise concrete and then read all about the steps involved to make it happen.

Drill holes are the size of a dime.

Our saws and drill bits are attached to vacuum hoses to collect dust as we work. Our goal is to minimize the impact to your property and environment. 

Polyurethane foam never loses density, is lightweight, and is permanent.

We use products made proudly in the USA.

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Save Time and Money, Raise Your Sunken Concrete,
Don't Replace It!

Our polyurethane foam method consists of the following steps, conducted in a dust-free, clean environment with no disturbance to nearby areas including landscaping and lawns.

Step 1.  Drilling ⅝” injection hole(s) (the size of a dime) strategically through the slab into the subgrade.

Step 2.  Connecting the injection gun to a tapered delivery port that is installed into the hole(s).

Step 3.  Injecting polyurethane foam into the holes which fills the space under the concrete slab, using the concrete slab itself to drive the foam into the crevices to lift the concrete.

Step 4.  Repeat injecting foam until all areas of sunken concrete lifts to desired level.

Step 5.  Upon leveling, injection holes are filled with a non-shrink grout, eliminating cracking and shrinkage.